Kenangan Darwin Mahesa di New Zealand

Darwin Mahesa saat malam di Wellington


I am thankful for getting this appreciation, from Ministry education and Culture of Indonesia, to be able study and look for experience in New Zealand. This Program with the theme Culture Activist which was selected from 1100 applicant into 60 contestant that were consisted into 7 catagories [dancing, music, film, theater, visual art, gallery, museum and historian], gave me and 4 others filmmakers of Indonesian a chance to go to New Zealand. Film category was given to 5 people that had been selected.

I say really thank you to Ministry of education and culture of Indonesia for making this great program and New Zealand becomes destination country, as we know that New Zealand is famous country that is usually used, for shooting great films such as The Lord of The Ring, The Hobbit and the other Hollywood films. It’s really awesome. 

This program becomes my big motivation to dig more knowledge and experience with filmmakers of New Zealand. Then, when I come back to Indonesia I can produce films with local wisdom theme better that can go international. Because of showing Indonesia films to international like Hollywood, is my big dream.



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Darwin Mahesa saat di Hobbiton Movie Set

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